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Workshops at The Woodlands

  • 30:30:30 Body:Bounce:Yoga

    Sunday, June 12, 01:30 pm

    Take THREE of your favorite transforming and re-energizingDEFINE classes in this 1.5-hour workshop.30 minutes of DEFINE body: this results-oriented class combines Pilates, yoga, ballet, and core strengthening to target all the major muscle groups in the body using small hand weights, a ballet barre, mat, and ball to help you burn fat and lose inches.30 minutes of DEFINE bounce: high-energy, fat burning fun - you will build strength for body, mind, and heart. Using a mini-trampoline, light weight
  • Body @ The Bar - Cellar 24 Edition

    Saturday, June 18, 02:00 pm

    We're bringing our signature DEFINE body class to a bar near you...30 minutes of STRENGTH, LENGTH and BALANCE followed by social hour. Can you say "Happy Hour"? 


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