Strength, length and balance.  You hear us say it all the time in our classes at DEFINE, but sometimes it can be a challenge to find balance within our daily lives – especially when it comes to finding personal time, and time to spend with our families.

“We all find our lives getting busier and busier,” said longtime client Janet Amador.  “But having my family who are the loves of my life attend classes with me makes me look forward to going even more.”

Janet began attending classes at DEFINE upon referral from friend, and she was quick to invite her family members to her workouts.

“I look forward to seeing my family at DEFINE,” Janet said.  “I love that I can get some one-on-one time with them that’s hard to find in other aspects of life, and I get to do something good for myself at the same time.”

Her daughter Kristin Bumpass was especially quick to take up the multiple methods DEFINE offers.

“I found out about DEFINE through my mom’s publication Behind the Gates,” said Kristin.  “The first class I took was body.   I was a fitness fanatic and I was always on the lookout for a workout that was challenging, but still fun, and that felt worthwhile.  I absolutely found that here.”

Janet and Kristin both loved that the classes at DEFINE offered high quality instruction and a variety of different disciplines such as barre, yoga, pilates, trampoline fitness and cycling all in one place – but it was the sense of community and family that they found at the studio that made them eager to share it with their own.

“There is such a friendly feeling here,” Kristin said.  “There isn’t the cattiness or competitive feeling that I’ve felt at other gyms and studios.  I think that’s another part of the reason I feel so comfortable bringing my family to DEFINE – it’s easy to share the feeling of community I feel with the clients and staff here with my family, and vice-versa.”

Janet and Kristin found the classes at DEFINE to be especially effective for finding time to spend with Janet’s eldest granddaughter and Kristen’s niece Avery Palacios.

“As Avery turned 15, she outgrew many of the activities her younger siblings and cousins still participated in,” Janet said.  “I wasn’t able to see her as much as I used to, so I thought I would invite her to take classes.”

Like Janet and Kristin, Avery quickly found a connection to the classes at DEFINE.

“The people at DEFINE, the amazing classes, and especially being able to do something I enjoy with my Mimi keep me coming back to classes as often as I can,” Avery said.  “I like being able to share DEFINE with my family because it’s not an average outing.  It’s something that is unique and that we are all able to experience and remember together forever.

“I also love that it lets us spend time with each other, while also doing something good for ourselves. It makes me feel like I am simultaneously strengthening my body and my relationships.”

To Janet, Kristin and Avery the DEFINE difference is clear:

“DEFINE is so personal compared to other fitness programs,” Avery said.  “People here are so welcoming, loving and joyful.  This is a place where you get amazing exercise and you build strength not only in your body, but also your mind.  To me, DEFINE is a family-like unit where people grow stronger together.  It makes me want to be there as much as possible, growing stronger with myself, my family and the DEFINE family.”