Many clients at DEFINE The Woodlands find that the 5 methods of fitness we offer are an excellent way to support exercise programs outside the studio.  In Aimee LaFleur’s case, she was looking for something to compliment her running regimen.

“When I first came to DEFINE I mainly focused on the rev class” Aimee said.  “The body class seemed intimidating to me.  I didn’t have a lot of experience with the strength building elements of the class like pilates, yoga and barre technique, so an entire hour of those activities didn’t always seem doable, but I really loved the cardio aspect of the cycling class.”

However, as the beginning of 2017 drew near, Aimee felt that it was time to conquer her trepidations about strength building and give body a shot.

“I signed up for the Holiday Special and made myself pick the Strength package,” she said.  “I knew that training for my races was depleting some of my strength, so I wanted to take classes that would help me build and maintain my muscle tone.”

Aimee began integrating more body classes into her routine but found it was sometimes difficult to fit them into her schedule.  Still, she really wanted to push herself.  That’s where having an external goal – the 2017 March DEFINE Challenge – really came to benefit her.

“20 classes in 30 days definitely seemed challenging,” Aimee said.  “But it also seemed manageable and conquerable.  “I set the goal to complete the challenge, and knowing that I only had a narrow timeframe to fit in the classes pushed me to really be consistent.”

Throughout the month Aimee attended 5 classes each of body, rev/bounce, and mind/yoga.

“I took the mind class for the first time ever during the challenge and really gained a new appreciation for stretching, and how flexibility is also a really important aspect of fitness,” she said.  “The entire experience brought awareness to how much I’m truly capable of accomplishing.  I also liked how taking the classes in combination with each other creates a really balanced workout experience.”

Those who completed the March Challenge entered a drawing for a private class and Aimee was thrilled for the opportunity to share DEFINE when her name was selected.

“I think I’m the most excited about sharing the bounce class,” she said.  “It’s such a unique offering of DEFINE’s and I love how with the trampolines you can incorporate elements of cardio, weight lifting, barre technique and even pilates.  It gives you a well-balanced full body workout.  That’s something that you can apply to each part of your life and a big reason why I would recommend DEFINE to everyone, no matter their fitness level.  The instructors and clients at DEFINE are motivating and encouraging, and you will find that you are capable of so much more than you think.”