Sherrie has been a DEFINE superstar client since 2016.  Check out our below to hear about how she started at DEFINE, where her fitness journey has taken her, and how she defines DEFINE.

When did you first start coming to DEFINE? What was your first experience like? I first started coming to DEFINE in January 2016.  I had no idea what to expect but I knew that the traditional gym was not for me and I had zero motivation to go.  When I walked into DEFINE I just loved the studio feel.  Everyone was incredibly welcoming and during my first class the instructor really helped me to make sure I was properly aligned and moving safely.  Even so…I was not sure I was going to make it all the way through the first class – it was challenging!

What class is your favorite and why?  I have loved the body class from the very beginning.  I enjoy the combination of light cardio, strength building and stretching all in one class.  Although, with the new addition of the bounce class I find myself in more and more classes.  I have NEVER been a fan of cardio but this class is so much fun and like nothing I have ever tried before, I continue to go back for more.

DEFINE is a fitness facility, but to some it means more. What does DEFINE mean to you?  DEFINE means community and friends.  I have met so many new and great people and love that we get to catch-up (and sometimes shop) before and after class. DEFINE is always giving back in some way, it’s such a culture of caring and I admire that.

What do you think makes DEFINE different from other fitness methods you have tried?  The instructors are talented, motivational and truly care.   Every class is different and the playlists will definitely inspire you to move.

What would your best advice be to a DEFINE newcomer, or someone who was unsure of trying DEFINE?  I would say start with the Yoga and wine workshop, HA!  I would also say it’s an great place to get an incredible workout and an altogether awesome place to be a part of.